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When there are disagreements among family members during probate, mediation is often the best way to resolve them. During mediation, all parties involved have an opportunity to discuss their position on any disputes with the assistance of a trained, impartial mediator whose goal is to assist in reaching a settlement.

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Often, these disagreements arise because family members have differing opinions on how a decedent’s assets should be distributed. Or, they may not agree on the type of care an aging parent needs, or how the care should be paid for.

The only way to resolve these disputes, if no agreement can be reached, is either through litigation or mediation. And the advantages of using mediation are substantial:

  • Unlike the proceedings of a trial, mediation allows families to openly discuss their viewpoints without having them entered into the public record.

  • Mediation can be better for family relationships because it is a process designed to reach agreement through compromise, while a trial pits sides against each other.

  • Through mediation, families can be more creative in designing their own solutions, while a trial judge is more limited in his or her ability to resolve disputes.

  • Mediation is generally much less expensive than litigation.


As an experienced and certified mediator, I have an extensive background in helping families resolve these types of disagreements, reaching equitable solutions that are acceptable to all involved. In fact, my goal is always to make sure families save money by avoiding litigation, while helping them protect and at times restore family relationships.

At Nexus Legal Solutions, an initial consultation is always free and informative, and is a service we’re happy to provide. For more information, please call 407-900-7722. Or visit our Contact Page and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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